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Ntech Wind & Solar Powered Products

Please note: Due to issues with Brexit we regret we are currently unable to ship to the UK. If the situation gets resolved we will resume our service to the UK at that point.

Harness the benefits of Wind Power with our new Whirlwind Wind Turbine

With energy prices going through the roof there has never been a better time to invest in the independent benefits of renewable energy sources.

Take control with our new VAWT, the Whirlwind Wind Turbine, a low maintenance, high performing wind turbine suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

Don't delay, check it out today and get your FREE power!


At Ntech Renewables EU we offer a range of wind and solar powered products for use in both domestic and commercial environments.

Our most popular product ranges include:

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Solar Panels
Solar Powered Warning Beacons
Solar Hazard Warning Lights
Solar Powered Battery chargers

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